For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

The Law Offices of Daniel P. Beaver can do all the paperwork for sellers and buyers of real estate (usually a house or a condominium), helping the seller avoid payment of expensive commissions (usually between 5% and 6%) to real estate brokers and agents. I do the real estate agent/broker/legal work for a For-Sale-By-Owner ("FSBO") transaction at a fraction of what a real estate broker or agent charges.

I am a licensed California Real Estate Broker, and have more than 30 years experience in practicing real estate law.

FSBO transactions usually take between 10 - 25 attorney hours, depending on the individual transaction and whether or not complications arise.* The fees expended save the seller thousands of dollars in real estate broker commissions.

How Our FSBO Service Works

- I provide a service to both buyers and sellers of real property in the San Francisco East Bay Area (and occasionally beyond), by facilitating purchase and sale transactions through negotiations (if necessary), document drafting, disclosure completion and execution, and closing.

- I work in conjunction with local, reputable escrow companies which hold deposit monies and deal with escrow-related matters.

- The FSBO transactions I handle usually result from situations where the buyer and seller have reached a verbal agreement on "deal points" and need qualified, competent professionals to handle the details (that is, to draft transaction documents, prepare legally required disclosure documents, work with escrow companies, review all documents with clients, and the like).

- When I am retained, I represent one side of the transaction - either the buyer or the seller - to avoid a conflict of interest. I can refer the other party to competent legal counsel (at reasonable rates), upon request.

- Here's an example: Assume a property's purchase price is $1,000,000.00. At a 6% commission rate, the real estate broker fees would be $60,000.00. A seller would likely pay the Law Offices of Daniel P. Beaver between $3,000.00 to $7,500.00* to handle the transaction (depending on the circumstances of the particular transaction), thereby potentially saving the seller up to $57,000.00 on a $1,000,000.00 transaction.

- I do not charge a flat fee. Rather, I ask for a reasonable up-front retainer and I bill against that retainer. Any funds left over are returned to the client. If my fees exceed the retainer, I ask for a "refresher retainer."

- I am also skilled in resolving conflicts during escrow, and have often succeeded in getting deposit monies release to our purchaser clients when they have decided not to proceed with the transaction due to a failed condition. I am also an experienced litigator, and I am ready to battle for my clients in court, if necessary.

*There are no guarantees, and a transaction may take more than 25 hours of attorney time to complete, depending on the circumstances and any complications that may arise.