Neighbor and Boundary Disputes

Contra Costa and Alameda County Attorney for Neighbors' Complaints

Everyone wants to be a good neighbor. The definition of a good neighbor, however, differs from person to person. So when problems arise, you may not know what your options are or how to protect your property rights.

If you're involved in a boundary dispute or other legal issue with your neighbor, you need a skilled California real estate attorney to help you understand your rights and options. I am lawyer Daniel P. Beaver, and from my office in Walnut Creek, I represent clients throughout the San Francisco East Bay involved in neighbor disputes.

Experienced, Comprehensive Representation in Neighbor Complaints

As a solo attorney, I take the time to listen to your unique concerns. I pride myself on giving honest, straightforward advice so you can set realistic expectations regarding your options. With 30 years of experience in California real estate law, I handle neighbor disputes regarding:

  • Boundary lines
  • Adverse possession
  • Overhanging trees or bushes
  • Fences and out buildings outside of property lines
  • Other property disputes

I will prepare or rewrite easements and licenses. I work with title companies, surveyors, local officials and other professionals to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Efficient, Cost-Effective Results

When clients come to me with neighbor disputes, I always encourage them to resolve issues through mediation or negotiation first before proceeding to litigation. Mediation saves both time and money, and allows you to retain more control of your outcome rather than relying on a judge's final decision. I will vigorously assert your interests throughout the process when working with a mediator or in negotiation.

If no amicable settlement can be reached, my trial experience will help assert your rights and pursue your interests in litigation. I am known and respected by many local judges and other real estate attorneys for my diligence, professionalism and direct attitude to handling my clients' cases.

To speak with a skilled Walnut Creek neighbor and boundary dispute attorney, contact my office online or call 800-416-9383 to schedule a free consultation. I accept payments by cash, check or credit card.