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Boundary disputes with neighbors can be costly and confusing

Good fences can make for good relationships with your neighbors, but first you have to know where to put that fence. As a property owner in California, it is beneficial to be aware of where your property ends and your neighbor's property begins. This can help you avoid stressful complications over boundaries and possible trespassing.

If you find yourself involved in a boundary dispute with your neighbor, you need to know how to resolve it and how to protect your property rights. Timely resolution to these concerns can help you avoid extra costs and allow you to move forward as soon as possible. You may find it beneficial to seek a complete understanding of your rights and an explanation of your legal options.

What can you do as a property owner?

Boundary and property disputes are often avoidable through discussions and review of legal documents or surveys. However, if you need to know more about your property rights and how to avoid continued issues with your neighbors, you may be able to do the following:

  • Get a survey of the property. Often, a new survey is done as part of the purchase process of securing new property. If you do not have a current survey of your land, having a new one done can help you understand exactly where your property lines are.
  • File a quiet title lawsuit. In some cases, a survey is not enough. In these cases, a property owner can ask a judge to make a final ruling over where the property boundaries are.
  • Work on an agreement. Legal action is not always the only course of action. It may be possible to resolve your dispute with your neighbor through negotiations and discussions. Upon reaching a reasonable solution, you can draft a formal, legal agreement.

You have the right to use your property as you see fit. A boundary dispute can be a threat to this right, but you may find it beneficial to reach out for help so you can understand the best course of action for your individual situation.

Know your options

It is beneficial for every property owner to know the boundaries of his or her property and how to protect the right to enjoy and use that property. It is always beneficial to know your legal rights, and by seeking an evaluation of your case, you can better understand how to shield your interests and avoid long-term issues related to a boundary dispute with a neighbor.

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