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As a landlord, what are your obligations to tenants?

As a California landlord, you understand there are various obligations and responsibilities that come with this role. It is prudent to fully understand your legal obligations in order to minimize your chance for issues with your tenants. Knowing your rights and responsibilities can reduce your exposure to financial risks and legal complications going forward.

You may own and operate the rented property, but there are limits to what you can do while it is currently occupied by a tenant. Tenants have rights, and courts to do not look favorably on violations of these entitlements. You may find it particularly helpful to seek a complete evaluation of your case so you can fully understand your role.

The limits of landlords and obligations to tenants

One of the main responsibilities of any landlord is the obligation to ensure that all property for rent is properly habitable. This means that you cannot rent or allow tenants to occupy spaces that are unsafe, dirty or not up-to-code. This includes all issues related to electrical, plumbing, mold and more.

When issues arise, landlords have to address these problems within a certain amount of time. You have 48 hours to deal with non-emergency problems and 24 hours for immediate problems related to heating or plumbing. Some of the other things you should understand about your obligations as a landlord include the following: 

  • You have a legal requirement to do certain repairs and maintenance in a timely manner.
  • You have to provide appropriate notice to tenants before you enter their apartments or dwelling.
  • Failure to make necessary repairs and keep properties up to code can result in legal complications, fines and other problems. 

Many landlords find it beneficial to seek guidance as they strive to fulfill their obligations and have necessary protections in place. Simply having necessary legal support can be a significant step in reducing your chance of facing litigation and other problems in the future.

Protecting landlord rights and interests

Not only do you have certain obligations as a landlord, you also have certain rights. It is beneficial for you to be aware of what your rights are regarding eviction, entering a tenant's space and more. 

If you rent property or are considering this step in the future, you will find it helpful to start with a complete explanation of the legal rights and requirements of those who own and operate rental property.

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