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What do you have to tell potential buyers about your home?

Selling your California home is an important step, and it is beneficial to proceed thoughtfully and carefully. Simply making the choice to list your property for sale may seem like the hardest part, but there are other things you will have to do in order to reduce complications. One thing that may be helpful is to review required disclosures.

There are certain things sellers are required to tell potential buyers about their property. This does not mean you have to tell someone who is looking at your house every single detail about the home, but you will have to make required disclosures about specific things. It is in your interests to learn more about these things before you move forward with the sale of your home. 

What will you have to do?

You do not necessarily have to go on a search for problems in order to have something to tell the prospective buyer. In some cases, you are only required to tell the people considering your home about issues of which you are already aware. However, California laws regarding required disclosures can be quite strict, and it is smart to do some research about your obligations. It may also be helpful to consider the following:

  • You may have to have an inspection of the home, which could reveal problems that you did not know existed.
  • It may not be necessary to fix problems, only disclose them. However, a buyer could ask you to repair them.
  • There are federal laws that require you to tell a buyer if there is lead paint in the home. 

The process of selling your home can be quite complex, and it can be difficult to know if you are properly complying with laws and doing what you need to do. Fortunately, you do not have to navigate this major legal and financial transaction alone.

Avoiding problems starts now

Selling your home is a significant decision, and it is not one that you should take lightly. It may be in your interests to seek immediate guidance from an experienced real estate legal professional before you move forward. Required disclosures are an important step for sellers, and leaving something out can lead to serious complications.

Avoiding problems and walking through the sale of your home without setbacks starts now. After you decide to list your home on the market, you may find great benefit in seeking support and guidance from the very beginning of this process.

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