Commercial Real Estate For Small Businesses

Experienced Advocacy For Small Businesses In Real Estate Legal Matters

As an East Bay business owner, your commercial property is of utmost importance to you.

You may be leasing office space to another company; expanding your own property as your business grows; or taking on the inherited duties of a landlord, and need guidance on how to approach them as a business operation.

For these and any other residential or commercial real estate goal, Daniel P. Beaver is a skillful real estate attorney whose 30 years of experience can make a positive difference in Walnut Creek.

At The Law Offices of Daniel P. Beaver, business owners and building owners alike expect experienced representation that answers every challenge — and personal service that is second to none.

Mr. Beaver is a retail space lease lawyer who excels at negotiating, drafting and reviewing any and all documents pertaining to your commercial property. If office or warehouse space, or acreage, needs to be purchased, sold, leased, maintained or turned over to new tenants, these decisions must be in writing. Our law firm handles every detail of the paperwork needed to complete a transaction.

Have you been accused of breaching a lease contract? Are you in dispute with an individual tenant or company that is occupying your property? We handle these matters in ways that safeguard your interests.

Protect Your Real Estate Investment — And Your Property Rights. Contact Us.

At your free initial consultation, you can discuss your legal issues with experienced real estate attorney Daniel P. Beaver in an atmosphere of candor, comfort and confidentiality.

Call today, toll free — 925-293-8884. You can also reach us by email message. The Law Offices of Daniel P. Beaver are conveniently located across the street from the Walnut Creek BART station.