For Sale By Owner

For Sale By Owner (“FSBO”) Transactions

Law Offices of Daniel P. Beaver can do all the paperwork for sellers and buyers of real estate (usually a house or a condominium), helping avoid payment of expensive commissions (usually between 5% and 6%) to real estate brokers and agents.  We do the real estate agent/broker/legal work for a For-Sale-By-Owner (“FSBO”) transaction at a fraction of what a real estate broker or agent charges.

Danial P. Beaver is a licensed California Real Estate Broker, and has 35 years experience in practicing real estate law.

FSBO transactions usually take between 10 – 25 attorney hours, depending on the individual transaction and whether or not complications arise.*  The fees expended save the parties tens of thousands of dollars in real estate broker commissions.

How Our FSBO Service Works

  • We do the work of a real estate agent or broker for a fraction of the cost in situations where a buyer and seller have agreed on the basics of a sale/purchase, and occasionally where a seller wishes to sell a home without having to pay the usual 5-6% commission but has not yet found a buyer.
  • We prepare all transaction documents, the numerous disclosure documents required by state and local laws, and review all of those with our clients.  We also arrange necessary inspections, work with lenders, and always set up escrow with the top local escrow and title companies, and work with them throughout the transaction on our clients’ behalf.
  • We represent both buyers and sellers in the Bay Area and throughout California.  Although we only represent one side or the other – the buyer or the seller only – to avoid conflicts of interest, we can and have referred the other side to other qualified attorneys when appropriate.
  • Although we provide the same services as a typical agent or broker other than listing and staging a home for sale, the savings are substantial.  By charging by the hour rather than on a commission/percentage basis, our fees are almost always less than 1% of the purchase price of a typical Bay Area transaction.
    • As an example, a 6% commission on a $750,000.00 transaction is $45,000.00.  Our fee for the same transaction will typically be between $3,500.00 and $9,000.00 depending on the particular transaction, and averages less than $6,000.00.*
  • When the occasional dispute or unexpected event arises during the transaction, we are skilled negotiators and typically are able to resolve these situations.  When they can’t be resolved, we wind the deal down successfully on almost all occasions.  As a litigation firm with decades of experience, we are also prepared to fight on our clients’ behalf in arbitration or a courtroom if truly necessary.

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