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Work With A Broker To Buy Or Sell

If you are buying or selling a home, rental unit or commercial property, you may not need the assistance of a real estate agent, but a broker can offer many advantages. A real estate broker has undergone more testing than an agent, is required by law to have passed a broker license exam and is eligible to own a real estate firm and hire agents. Real estate agents often work for brokers.
Attorney Daniel P. Beaver is the founder of the Law Offices of Daniel P. Beaver. For over 30 years, he has helped clients move smoothly through transfer of ownership and get the value they deserve in their transaction.

The Benefits Of Working With A Broker

You need not learn everything there is to know about real estate transactions or a property history when you are working with a broker. A seasoned and experienced broker can ensure that all the t’s are crossed and all the i’s are dotted. There are four distinct advantages a real estate broker can offer.

  1. The process will be time- and cost-effective. Brokers have a special education, experience and focus that allows them to be able to quickly locate properties, pull up, review and assess their histories and move deals forward. You’re getting more “bang for your buck” when you enlist the help of a qualified broker. Also, brokers do not charge a commission on sales.
  2. A broker can advise you and negotiate on your behalf. Not only that but a broker who is also a real estate attorney can represent your interests (instead of the interests of the real estate company) during negotiations and, if needed, in court.
  3. An attorney-broker can prepare and finalize the sales transaction documents.
  4. A broker offers “inside information” as to market trends and influences. This can help you understand how much to invest, what to pursue, when and why.

The Protection You Need

When using a real estate agent, you are not fully protected. If a dispute or issue arises after the sale of a property a real estate agent is often unable to do more than tell you to “talk to legal” and prepare for arbitration. When you work with a real estate broker who is a real estate attorney you have the added protection of a legal advocate.

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