Neighbor & Boundary Disputes

Resolution In Boundary Disputes And Encroachment Issues

It has been said that our home is our sanctuary. Our homes and the land around them can hold sentimental, familial and historic meaning for us, so it’s natural that a boundary dispute can become fraught with emotion. A dispute can also prevent us from being able to fully enjoy or use our property. When a simple matter cannot be easily resolved and causes relationships to sour, it’s time to turn to a professional.
As the founder of Law Offices of Daniel P. Beaver, attorney Daniel P. Beaver has successfully resolved many California boundary disputes. Daniel offers straight-forward, client-focused guidance. If you’re looking for a clear, down-to-earth explanation of your rights and options, turn to Law Offices of Daniel P. Beaver.

What Causes Boundary Disputes?

Boundary disputes can happen for a variety of reasons. For example, if one landowner builds a fence or shed or even plants a tree, the neighbor may feel that this encroaches on their property. Other reasons include:
  • Natural events or disasters which change the landscape
  • Mistakes in the official plat
  • Conflicting legal descriptions
  • Fraud and nondisclosure
  • Unclear language within the deed
  • Nonexistent or inaccurate surveys
It is always advisable to first seek to resolve a matter amicably in an informal setting. In many cases, this is the most effective method. However, if the other party is not amendable to discussion or matters have escalated, legal action may be necessary.

Steps To Resolve A Boundary Issue

Boundary disputes can be resolved in a number of ways depending on the specifics of the case. The facts of the dispute and any evidence (such as photos, legal documents, witnesses or other people’s recollections of the property line) will need to be collected. It’s very likely that a survey, appraisal of the property and full title search will be needed. Other remedies can include:

  • Adverse possession/prescriptive easement
  • Boundary by acquiescence
  • Boundary by estoppel
  • Quiet title action
  • Civil case of trespass or for removal of the encroaching structure
  • Reformation of the contract for sale
  • Arbitration
  • Title insurance

Boundary disputes and encroachment issues can range from very simple matters that are resolved in a single meeting or letter to more complex issues that require research, a review of the evidence and involvement of the court.

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